Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Repost: Is it OK for your child to do yoga at school?

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Nov. 7, 2012

Does your kid do yoga at school?

My daughter's preschool teaches children a few poses and some breathing exercises. It's  a way to improve order in the classroom and a way to teach the kids how to calm themselves when they get restless.

I've never seen much of a problem with it, frankly, and actually get a kick out of doing the occasional downward dog with my daughter.

However, some parents in Encinitas, Calif., have objected to their kids taking part in an adapted yoga program, mostly because of the practice's roots as part of Hinduism, according to the Los Angeles Times.

An attorney representing the parents said that allowing students to take part in an exercise program that has roots in Hinduism is religious indoctrination.

The school district argues, however, that the program is just exercise and has no religious component.

If you are not Hindu, would you object to your child taking part in a yoga-inspired exercise program at school? If you are Hindu, are you alarmed by the tone of this objection to yoga?

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