Friday, August 2, 2013

My second day at NABJ 2013

As promised, I went back to NABJ 2013 today.

Again, some general, preliminary thoughts:

1. There weren't as many sessions on the schedule today, and the ones that were scheduled weren't nearly as interesting (with the exception of a morning session about the Affordable Care Act).

2. I skipped the main session with the parents of Trayvon Martin, largely for the reasons I mentioned in yesterday's post.

3. I went to a session called "Covering the Big Events," which was about how to rally a multimedia, diverse newsroom to cover large events such as natural disasters, sports championships and big-deal elections. It was pretty good, although there wasn't really time for me to talk with the panelists about how to make sure web/interactive teams are involved in that kind of planning from the get-go.

4. I had 25 minutes to attend a session called "The Branding of You" (I had to go pick up kiddo from summer day camp) which I thought would be interesting, but the panelists wasted so much time at the beginning of the standing-room-only session that I had to leave before they even got into the meat of the discussion.

5. The Affordable Care Act session on the federal health insurance marketplace exchanges was valuable. For the first time, I think I understand how it's all going to work. Also in that Affordable Care Act session, there was a raffle -- and to my surprise, I was one of the winners! I'm the proud owner of a brand-new iPad.

6. I managed to escape paying for parking today, but only because my husband and I had lunch in one of the hotel's restaurants, which will validate for parking as long as you spend more than $30.

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