Friday, November 16, 2012

Creating a social media profile for aspiring journalists

When you launch your social media campaign you need to open accounts and carefully select a username that clearly states your name without any funny punctuation, spellings or nicknames. You want to be found online and shouldn’t make any joke accounts or fake identities that can be misleading. Use as many social media regularly as you can. Post photos and video throughout your accounts. You can create a complete public relations campaign about your writing skills. Pique the interest of followers with links to your other social media with an invitation to follow you. While follower and Likes may be important to getting your message out, what you say is even more important. Journalists have to be reliable sources, ethical, honest and straight forward in language usage. Spell check before you post anything to a social media account. While you’re limited in length on many social media posts make what you say online interesting, relevant and respectful to those you interact with. There are thousands of social media accounts. Don’t use only one or two and then drop them. Use them and become an expert. Post all day and find ways to peak people’s interests.

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