Monday, November 12, 2012

How aspiring journalists should create a blog

Deciding what you’re going to write about in your blog on a regular basis should never be an issue. All journalists should have passion for and expertise in the areas in which they want to become a reporter. You should have an abundance of topics and be able to make a long list of what you’re interested in sharing with readers. Keep a list of your blog topics on a calendar so that you have a clear writing direction every day. Read everything you can and study and research the topic online using the best, most reliable resources. Make sure that the content you read online has been produced by a respected journalist, a reputable newspaper or magazine. Listen to radio analysts and watch TV and video on your issues so that you know more about this than anyone. You can take classes and register for webinars online that will further your knowledge about the topics. Finding documentation for facts should be a must. You should bookmark the go-to resources that you turn to daily for fresh information on your topic or specialty. Knowing the most about your interest makes you a resource for readers and for those seeking an expert opinion. Interview people and post the profile and story on your blog. By talking with other experts and asking relevant questions you’ll learn more than if you simply write. Gaining insights about your specialty area from will equip you with resources that you will need when you become a professional journalist. No matter what you write be objective and cover both sides of the issue. Be fair and provide attribution to all resources. You may have read something, you may have learned a lot, but the original source should be clearly noted and credited.

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