Saturday, November 3, 2012

Media is an Online PR Campaign for Journalists

Consider your social media accounts in particular to be something of a personal PR campaign for the job that you hope to get in journalism. If that requires you to start an entirely new, say, Twitter account or Pinterest account feel free to do that and make sure that the content you put on there is something you would want someone who wants to hire you to see. I always say that if you're grandmother wouldn't want to read it, don't put it on your social media account. Social media has to be interesting. You're supposed to include a link to a story, a blog, another social media, a website. In order to get someone to click on your social media you have to be clever. You should also design your social media with similar graphics, photos and design. You should be identifiable easily and match the visuals so that you have a complete campaign. In a way, social media advertises you, what you think, your ideas, and is a professional example of what you can do as a journalist for a prospective employer. Your social media should be social but professionally relevant to what you want to write about as a journalist. You should share your likes and interests but you have to be balanced. Reporters have an ethical responsibility to be fair, honest and provide balanced reporting. Your social media is simply an extension of the work that you can perform. Try various social media and you should have many accounts using the same picture. Don't use a cartoon to show your image, you should use a nice photo.

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