Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Create an Online Presence for Journalists

Writing a blog whether it’s a standalone blog on,,, Tumblr or another format, write extensively and prove that you’re a worthy recipient of someone’s attention. Finding out that you struggle with long stories or short phrases only means that you’ve identified areas to focus on strengthening. Don’t give up just because it’s difficult to write every day. You’ll become proficient and learn to write clearly, quickly. Read constantly. You should know more than anyone about your area of interest. Use many, many resources to keep up with topics and get a wide range of information from many people and trusted sources. You should become an expert which means that you’ll need to be open to learning, constantly to find out first about your topic or area of interest. A true journalist should want to break stories and you should definitely hit difficult subject areas in your blog. Cover controversy. Write about emotional topics, sensitive topics but with tact and with skill to aptly inform while showing both sides fairly for readers. Ask for feedback from professional journalists. Ask friends, family and professors to read what you write so that you can gauge your skill level. Parents may shower you with confidence but friends will be blunt and so will teachers and people invested in your success as a writer.

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