Friday, May 10, 2013

Repost: I'm prepared for road trip with toddler -- I think!

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July 27, 2011

My little family will soon embark on an adventure that worries me a bit: A road trip.

Oh, we've taken lengthy road trips in the past, but those occurred before Little Miss emerged into full-fledged toddlerdom. These days she gets fussy if she has to be in her carseat for more than 25 minutes.

We'll be driving for eight hours, much of it on back roads in our small hatchback. I am not looking forward to it. How will I ever keep her occupied all that time?

As always, I have a plan.

The plan requires me to:

  • Sit in the back with kiddo while my husband drives, with the hope that my presence will limit her frustration with being snapped into her car seat.
  • Keep up a steady stream of chatter about where we're going and what we're doing.
  • Make sure kiddo's clothes are comfortable for travel.
  • Make sure my own clothes and shoes are comfortable.
  • Insist that my husband, who would drive straight through if he could, stop regularly.
  • Bring enough snacks and drinks. If I think I have enough, I should double the amount (this is a lesson I learned on an earlier trip).
  • Likewise with toys.

Will those things keep the peace? My fingers are crossed.

What works to make your family's long car trips more bearable?

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