Monday, May 6, 2013

Repost: Wanted: Balanced meals for a picky eater

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June 29, 2011

My formerly healthy eater has suddenly become quite the picky miss.

About the only things she's willing to eat with any real enthusiasm right now are pizza, rice, chicken and macaroni and cheese. Basically, pick a white-colored food and she's delighted to eat it, but she's suspicious about anything else. She doesn't even seem to care for fruit much anymore!

I bake spinach into macaroni and cheese just so I can be sure she's getting a vegetable in her life, but I'm otherwise struggling to make sure she gets balanced meals. I know this is typical for toddlers, but it's frustrating -- especially because I love to cook and hate the idea that she's rejecting my food.

Yesterday, I made oven-dried tomatoes, and when I gave her one (before putting them in the olive oil), she seemed to enjoy it. That's something, but it's the only recent success I've had with her on the enthusiasm-for-fruits-and-veggies front.

Am I going to have to start pureeing vegetables and fruit and hiding them in what she eats? For now, I'll keep experimenting and offering her balanced meals, but if there's not a breakthrough soon, I may be forced to do it.

What are your sure-fire kid-friendly recipes?

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